Download free for profit beats to use for your next project. All beats come with a commercial licence so you can upload your song to streaming platforms.



Click the play button to listen to the beat you want. Please ensure you listen to the beat for a minimum of 60 seconds to enable the download link to work in the next step. Once you have done this, click the ‘DOWNLOAD NOW’ button to take you to the download page.

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These are the only things I ask for in return from you to use my beats FREE.

Once you have completed step 1 & step 2, the download will begin. You will receive a zip file with the UNTAGGED BEAT (in some cases, the beat may have one tag at the beginning of the beat) and an UNLIMITED streams/download licence to use the beat in your song on Spotify/SoundCloud etc or YouTube video!



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'Side Chick' - Boom Bap Type Beat
'AJ' - Digga D Type Beat (Drill)
'Rewind It' - Tyga Type Beat (West Coast)
'Exhale' - J Cole Type Beat (Hip-hop)
'Running'' - Stormzy Type Beat (Grime)
'Tomorrow'' - Kevin Gates Type Beat (Trap)
'Not Alone'' - Kevin Gates Type Beat (Trap)
'Rewind' - Rich the Kid Type Beat (Trap)
'Get Off Me' - NBA Youngboy Type Beat (Trap)
'Clout' - Denzel Curry Type Beat (Hip-hop)
'Polar' - Denzel Curry Type Beat (Hip-hop)
'Bounce' - Mustard Type Beat (Hip-hop)
'Jinxed' - Lil Skies Type Beat (Trap)
'I'm Gone' - Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat (Trap)
'I Know' - Lil Skies Type Beat (Trap)
'Broken' - Lil Baby Type Beat (Trap)
'Slurp' - Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat (Trap)
'Ballin'' - YG Type Beat (West Coast)
'Brackin' - YG Type Beat (West Coast)
'Beyond' - Lil Skies Type Beat (Trap)
'Belong' - Zaytoven Type Beat (Trap)
'Trip' - Migos Type Beat (Trap)
'Legacy' - J Cole Type Beat (Hip-hop)
'Impala' - YG Type Beat (West Coast)
'Drippy' - Kendrick Lamar Type Beat (Hip-hop)
'Doubt' - Lil Uzi Vert Type Beat (Trap)
'Dealer' - Lil Yachty Type Beat (Trap)
'Dank' - Denzel Curry Type Beat (Trap)
'Dreaming' - Playboi Carti Type Beat (Trap)
'Darkness' - Denzel Curry Type Beat (Hip-hop)
'Move On' - Lil Peep Type Beat (Trap)
'Stacks' - NBA Youngboy Type Beat (Trap)
'Buzzed' - NBA Youngboy Type Beat (Trap)
'Severe' - Eminem Type Beat (Hip-hop)


You get a zip file containing the UNTAGGED BEAT and a licence to use the beat in your song.

In some cases the beat may have one producer tag at the beginning of the beat.

Yes, my beats are really free.

I provide free beats for independent artists to use in their songs because I believe in providing for the indie artist that may not be able to afford beat licences. What I am providing is my beats to you to use in your songs for free. I will always own the master copy of the beat and the copyright of the beat.

Look, I am providing these beats to use for free for people who cannot afford beat licences. These beats are not for industry artists. If you are an indie artists and your song blows up with one of these beats, say over 1,000,000 streams then let me know, then we can work out a split. It wont come out of your pocket, and I’m not going to say “hey you owe me millions of dollars”. It doesn’t work like that. 

Performance Rights Organisations just split the royalties for us and we both earn money. It’s a WIN/WIN situation. 99.9% of the time, you will not achieve 1,000,000 streams. Stop worrying about it!

Yes, I made all of these beats on this site. I also provide you with a beat licence to use them in your song.

No it shouldn’t but it could. Let me explain why.

That’s because others may have used the beat too in their song, then copyrighted their song. This is because YouTube can’t tell the difference between two different songs, it just knows they’re similar because they have the same beat.

It won’t matter though. All you have to do is provide the licence you receive with your beat download and add the url of my beat to your copyright claim submission form to YouTube. Explain that the two songs are different and are using the same beat. A person will manually check it and approve the upload.

You can upload on all audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. 

You can monetise your song, however, YouTube may flag copyright infringement at first when you upload it. Just put in a claim that you have a licence to use the content and upload the beat licence I give you in your zip file and it will be cleared.

You would have to be partnered with YouTube to be able to monetise your song and I expect most of you will be way off of that if you are an independent artist anyway.

If you would, the best way you can support me is by playing every beat all the way to the end. Play a few of them through, if you are writing to one of the beats, put it on repeat. If you like a beat enough to download it, please give it a YouTube like and comment! This all helps me with my YouTube channel.

Follow me on YouTube, Spotify and Instagram. I love to hear from you guys with your new songs and if its good I will even help promote it.

Lastly, I get a lot of heat from other producers for providing beats for free. If you see negative comments about me providing free beats, support me by providing a positive comment on your experience.